GB hydraulic quick hitches can be installed on excavators as compact as 1 ton to over 40 ton. GB hydraulic quick hitches are activated by a switch located in the cabin of the excavator. The operator simply presses the switch to lock or release an attachment from the comfort of the cabin.


GB quick hitches are fitted with special internal hydraulic check valves to ensure that the locking jaw will not disengage and release even in the unfortunate event of a hydraulic system failure or a faulty hose.


We have a wide range of quick hitches available off the shelf, with minimal turnaround for custom order quick hitches.


Some design advantages of GB hydraulic quick hitches are:

    No welding between the middle and lower plates, providing evenly distributed stress point. This increases durability over 10 times greater than comparable quick hitches with weld points.

    With GB Hydraulic Quick Hitch, you can use one quick hitch to pick up a range of excavator attachments, including buckets, ripper and rock breakers.

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