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We are a supplier of Hydrapower range of earthmoving attachments. Hydrapower offers solutions for hydraulic augers, levelling bars, brooms, angle sweepers, through to loading ramps for your mini-excavators.

Hydrapower offers superior reliability and efficiency at super competitive prices.


OZ Buckets

We are a supplier of OZ Buckets. Whether you need a 100mm trench bucket for your 1.5 ton mini-excavator, or a 2,500mm mud bucket for your 35 ton machine, OZ Bucket has the capacity to deliver high quality products at competitive prices.


Jacobs Chisels

We are a supplier of Jacobs Chisels® brand of after market tools, chisels and moils for hydraulic rock breakers. Jacobs Chisels provide an aftermarket alternative to expensive, hard-to-find chisels without sacrificing quality.


To suit Rammer, Montabert, Okada, Soosan, Dainong (DNB), Daemo (DMB), Indeco, Furukawa, Krupp, Toku, Teledyne, Atlas Copco, plus more.

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